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Our company is a certified member of ICEFAT and GRASP

As a specialist in art logistics, it is important to us to offer a professional service that is optimally tailored to your transport and storage needs. That’s why we’re happy to have external agencies put our services to the test.


As a firm specialising in art logistics, we are a long-standing member of the global network ICEFAT. In 33 countries, 73 companies comply with rigorous standards governing the responsible and careful handling of cultural assets being stored and transported.


We are proud that our new art logistics infrastructure in Dielsdorf represents one of the most state-of-the-art and most secure art warehouses in the world. Our new facility received an excellent score in an assessment based on more than 2,000 questions taken from the GRASP catalogue and covering various areas, such as the security concept, organisational processes, and even details of exposure to natural disasters.

ISO 9001 certification

Our company is assessed using the ISO 9001 quality management system. This way we can guarantee that we are always able to deliver our products, processes and services at a level of quality that meets our usual, specific standards.

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

The Authorised Economic Operator, AEO for short, is a status granted to persons and companies deemed to be reliable in terms of international supply chain security. The certification is issued by the Directorate General of Customs in Bern and is recognised by states with which Switzerland has corresponding agreements (EU, Norway shortly, Japan, USA and China later). The Authorised Economic Operator shall be granted easement with regard to security-related controls.

Regulated Agent

We are a Regulated Agent, appointed by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). All crates which have been packed by our staff are therefore considered to be safe air freight and do not need to be x-rayed or opened at the airport prior to shipment.

The FOCA regularly reviews and evaluates our safety processes, internal training courses and quality assurance measures