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Moving Worldwide

A home away from home

Moving worldwide requires detailed planning and perfect organization. After all, you can not make up for forgotten items. Welti-Furrer plans and organizes your move to the smallest detail so that you can easily switch to everyday life in your new home. We take care of all formalities professionally, provide you with all necessary documents, and know the legal requirements of your new country of residence.

Welti-Furrer assists you from the planning of moving overseas to the unpacking of the last box in your new home. We let transport your belongings that have been carefully packed, by air or sea, to the country of your destination. Everything about the export of your inventory, required export documents, and customs clearance, as well as the departure of you and your family, will be carefully prepared and accompanied by us. And, in case you miss Switzerland too much, of course, we will also get you back and take care of everything!

Moving worldwide - conquer the distance

Leave your move to the specialists of Welti-Furrer. We organize and make moving worldwide easy with the help of our experienced staff and modern container vehicles. For shipping overseas, we take care of the proper loading of ocean freight containers. By default the shipping lines offer 20 feet and 40 feet containers. Even your car can fit into these containers and reach its destination undamaged. For the transport of personal belongings or small pieces of furniture, we recommend consolidated sea freight. Your goods are packed separately, labeled, and stored in an overseas box, which then finds its place in a container with other items. A sea transport can take anywhere from four to ten weeks, depending on your destination - please plan this as a precaution!

Transport by air freight is the faster option. In five to 10 days, your precious possessions will reach their destination. Transport by air is recommended for small or urgent shipments, usually without furniture. The goods get packed in sky boxes and reach their destination quickly and safely.

No destination is too far, no effort too big - that's the motto of the Welti-Furrer specialists. Put your move worldwide into the experienced hands of our experts and look forward to your home away from home!