Code of Conduct

Why is a code of conduct important to Welti-Furrer?

Welti-Furrer has been one of Switzerland's leading transport companies since 1838. Ethical and responsible conduct is the foundation of our success. We have an obligation to society, as well as to the environment, to provide our services to the highest standards. For this reason, we have a Code of Conduct that defines the principles of our actions.

The Code of Conduct goes beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations and is our commitment to act with impeccable integrity in every situation. We expect such behaviour from each and every employee of our company, and we expect it from all our business partners. High standards in our business relationships form the basis for continued success.

Management is committed to making every effort to live up to the principles and values described in the Code of Conduct.



1. We protect our employees

Our employees are provided with a healthy and safe workplace. All employees are registered with insurance companies and authorities on time and in accordance with the law. There is no illegal work. Employees are also protected from all forms of harassment and abuse. Discrimination based on gender, race, religion, disability, or the like is not tolerated.

2. We stand for equality in the workplace

We adhere to the principles of equal rights and do not tolerate unequal treatment. Welti-Furrer prohibits discrimination against employees based on gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or nationality, respects privacy and complies with data protection laws regarding information from our employees.

 3. We create trust through honesty and transparency

We serve all customers with fairness and honesty. We ensure that all quotes and invoices are clear, transparent, and accurate.

4. We do not pay bribes

As an honest company with integrity, we do not make offers in the form of bribes, for example. When dealing with public officials, political parties, their functionaries or members of the private sector, employees may not offer, promise, or grant inappropriate financial or other advantages, either directly or through intermediaries, in order to obtain new orders, secure existing orders or gain any other improper advantage.

Gifts on our part may also only be offered within the scope customary for the business relationship and to a materially reasonable extent. The recipient must not be able to associate any obligation with it that would influence his business decisions.

5. We refuse gifts and favours

Employees must not offer, solicit or accept gifts, payments, entertainment or services from existing or potential business partners that could reasonably be expected to influence business transactions or that are outside the bounds of customary hospitality or prohibited by applicable law.

If gifts are offered by third parties, they may only be accepted if they are common practice and can be recognized as a courtesy or kindness (promotional gifts with the logo of the donating company, such as calendars or pens).

In the case of gifts whose value exceeds the amount of 20 Swiss francs, the superior must be informed. If this is not possible, these gifts must always be refused.

6. We set the highest health and safety standards

All measures are taken to prevent, or at least minimize, any harmful effects of business activities on our employees, the environment or other third parties. We do not compromise on safety.

7. We comply with all legal standards, or exceed them if possible

We comply not only with applicable laws in our operations, but also with high ethical standards. We are all required to comply with the law in our business activities. Proper conduct is mandatory for all employees. In the event of a violation of any law, regulation, or instruction contained in this Code of Conduct, any employee will be subject to disciplinary action.

8. We stand up for fair competition

We believe in a free market economy characterized by competition because it ensures that our hard work and innovations are rewarded. Free and fair competition is not prevented in any way. Accordingly, there are no agreements with competitors that distort, prevent, or disrupt competition. In particular, we do not tolerate price fixing of any kind.

9. We protect confidential information

We will ensure that all personal data and information, both from employees and customers, is kept secure, confidential and in compliance with the law at all times.

10. We reject child labour

We do not work with any supplier who uses child labour, and we comply with the law at all times. In compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we require our suppliers to consider employees between the ages of 15 and 18 as particularly in need of protection and to treat them accordingly.

Welti-Furrer AG, August 2022


Welti-Furrer Compliance Hotline

To report violations of our Code of Conduct and Good Business Practices or of applicable laws, employees, business partners and external parties can call our Compliance Hotline anonymously.

Welti-Furrer Compliance Hotline: +41 56 461 66 30