Escort of exceptional transports

Exceptional transport escort
  • We bring you safely to your destination
  • Experienced and well trained personnel
  • Fully equipped escort vehicles at all locations in Switzerland
  • Efficient planning and execution
  • Route inspection and organization of permits
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Escort - Welti-Furrer is your reliable partner in Switzerland

Special and exceptional transports attract attention and usually require more space on the roads. For these kind of transports as well as for certain routes with mobile cranes, exceptional transport escorts (ATB) are mandatory. Certified companies with official ATB vehicles (approved by the police) and specially trained personnel are allowed to perform this task. We have been involved in this evolution from the very beginning. 

Special and heavy transports in Switzerland, which exceed a width of 3.80 m, a height of 4.80 m and a length of 35 m require an escort. Until recently, such transports were accompanied by a police patrol of the respective cantonal police on Swiss roads. Since April 2017, almost all cantons, in cooperation with the Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association (ASTAG) and other partners, have now successfully outsourced the exceptional transport escorts (ATB) to private parties.

Thanks to this reorientation, all parties involved in exceptional transports have seen a great gain in efficiency and quality. Waiting times and arrangements at the cantonal borders are no longer necessary and
with the new, solid training a serious planning and execution is guaranteed.

Due to our more than 180 years of experience as well as our still very large activity in the area of special transport, we are very familiar with the different requirements in the Swiss cantons. As a customer,
you will benefit from our competence as the escorts are fully prepared and smoothly executed. We also carry out private escorts, which are mandatory for certain transports.


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The technical manual with documentation on our heavy lift logistics operations equipment is available as a mobile app or desktop version here:

Welti-Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG is your partner for transport escorts and was already on board when the foundations were laid for outsourcing to private companies. From planning to route inspection and organization of permits to execution, we offer you all services from a single source.

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