We pursue our own environmental impact and strive for reductions.

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Our environmental promise

We care deeply for the environment. For this reason we strive actively every day to treat it with care, by reducing the environmental impact of our relocation activities.

General information:

Welti-Furrer AG has been certified to ISO 9002 since February 2000 and to ISO 9001:2008 since January 2009. We took the ISO 14001 guidelines into account when setting up our quality management system. In January 2015, Welti-Furrer was successfully certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

As part of our environmental policy, we adhere to the legal and official requirements and are committed to continuous improvement in the environmental area.
Our suppliers are also selected according to environmental aspects, among other things. In addition, we ensure that our suppliers continuously improve their environmental performance.

Mission Statement Management:

We monitor our own environmental impact and strive to reduce it. We transfer these thoughts to our customers and promote their environmentally friendly behavior as part of our services.


Welti-Furrer renews its vehicle fleet exclusively with new vehicles that comply with the latest Euro standard (currently Euro 6). Fuel consumption is included as an important factor in the evaluation of new vehicles.
In 2011, Welti-Furrer was the first removal company in Switzerland to have a Mercedes hybrid truck.


Welti-Furrer refuels its vehicles with eco-diesel. The fuel consumption of the vehicles is compared with each other and employees are encouraged to drive in an environmentally friendly manner.

Resources and disposal:

Whenever possible, Welti-Furrer uses reusable rental material instead of consumables for removals. When disposing of materials, they are separated and sent to the appropriate official disposal points.

Cooperation with myclimate:

As a contribution to effective climate protection, Welti-Furrer has been working with the non-profit organization myclimate since 2011. This enables the CO2 emissions generated to be effectively offset.