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Welti-Furrer - guaranteed quality

ISO 9001 certification

Our company is assessed using the ISO 9001 quality management system. This way we can guarantee that we are always able to deliver our products, processes and services at a level of quality that meets our usual, specific standards.

ISO 14001 certification

The environment is an issue close to all our hearts at Welti-Furrer. So every day we make an effort to uphold our responsibility to the environment, by reducing the pollution generated by our logistics and transport activities.

As part of our environmental policy, we comply with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements while also committing to make continuous improvements in this area. Where possible, Welti-Furrer always opts for reusable rental equipment over consumables.

For disposal projects, the waste is separated and distributed to the appropriate official disposal sites. We carry this policy over to our customers and, as part of our service agreement, ask that they also conduct themselves in an environmentally responsible manner.

Welti-Furrer only replenishes its fleet with new vehicles that meet the latest European emission standard (currently Euro 6). Fuel consumption is an important factor that we consider when evaluating new vehicles. For example, in 2011 Welti-Furrer was the first removals firm in Switzerland to purchase a Mercedes hybrid lorry. Welti-Furrer fuels its vehicles with eco-diesel. We compare the fuel consumption for all of our vehicles, and our staff are obliged – and trained – to drive in an eco-friendly way.

We also select our suppliers in part based on a number of environmental factors. Additionally, we monitor our suppliers to make sure that they are continuously improving in areas relating to the environment.

As a further contribution to effective climate protection, Welti-Furrer has been working with the Swiss non-profit myclimate since 2011. myclimate helps offset any carbon emissions that we produce.

All of these efforts combined have secured ISO 14001 certification for Welti-Furrer.