Business Relocations

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Business Relocations

Welti-Furrer is your specialist for business relocations of all kinds. We are characterized by professionalism and many years of experience, throughout all of Switzerland. Our experienced experts accompany you throughout the move and treat your inventory with the utmost care. Our modern fleet has special vehicles for every purpose.

Office Relocation

Welti-Furrer has extensive experience in office relocations and relieves you of stress during every phase of your move. We support you to inventory and archive your relocation goods in a reliable manner. For sensitive files, we have specific security procedures to ensure the integrity of your files and offer complete discretion. Furthermore, we offer computer cabling, the transport of safes and art, repairs of furniture, and disposal of unwanted goods.

Library Relocation

Your valuable books and archives are in good hands with Welti-Furrer. Everything is packed, numbered, and archived professionally. All inventory is transported safely with our special vehicles. If you need your library contents stored for the duration of a home renovation, we also offer this service. Qualified employees and many years of experience make your library move a complete success.

School Relocation

Take advantage of summer holidays to relocate or renovate your school. Welti-Furrer takes care of all the details. Large sports equipment from the gym, sensitive equipment from the chemistry lab, crafts from the youngest grades - every piece of furniture is valued by us, carefully packed, transported, and rebuilt.


Nursing Home Relocation

A nursing home relocation takes place during ongoing work hours and Welti-Furrer has the necessary resources and know-how for a smooth transition. Special care and devotion will be applied to the relocation of elderly people who have special needs. The inhabitants are gently and sensitively brought to their new home. During the entire move, we place great emphasis on communication between you and our employees and avoid any disruption to your work in the best possible way.

Hospital Relocation

Welti-Furrer has many years of experience and expertise in hospital relocation. We deliver a tailor-made concept for a smooth and trouble-free experience of your hospital transfer. In addition to the highly sensitive task of gently bringing patients to their new home, all technical equipment and aids, as well as the entire staff, are relocated without disturbance during hospital work.

Laboratory Relocation

Welti-Furrer is your partner when a laboratory relocation is pending. From packing the first instrument at the old place to building or connecting the last device at the new location, we remain reliably at your side. All medical equipment, technical or medical accessories, medicines, and furniture are dismantled, packaged, transported, and rebuilt with the utmost care, and reconnected as required.