Catering logistics

  • Storage in container
  • Delivery and placement
  • Removal of catering establishments
  • Setting up of catering establishments
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Catering logistics

Welti-Furrer is allowed to provide extensive logistics and warehousing services for various companies in the hospitality industry. These include among others:

  • Storage of terrace furniture in containers over winter
  • Storage of event furniture (e.g. bar, tent, festival benches etc.)
  • Delivery and placement of event furniture (e.g. bar, tent, festival benches etc.)
  • Storage of furniture during reconstructions
  • Logistic support of events
  • Relocation of catering establishments
  • Furnishing of restaurants, canteens and hotels with new furniture

Thanks to our extensive experience with catering companies, we are very familiar with their requirements and expectations. Welti-Furrer also has the necessary infrastructure with branches throughout Switzerland, extensive storage facilities of all kinds, and large personnel and vehicle resources, providing the ideal conditions for providing logistics support to catering companies in their most diverse projects.