Resource planning

Support in the preparation of documentation
  • Lifting plans and risk analyses
  • Transport studies
  • Lifting studies for shifting and lifting operations
  • ISO-certified according to 45001 (occupational health and safety management) and 9001 (quality management)
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Welti-Furrer supports you in planning your heavy duty projects

We support and create your deployment planning

The careful and reliable planning of operations in the field of heavy-lift logistics is becoming increasingly important. This helps to avoid surprises, thus minimizing additional costs and enabling safe execution of work. As a specialist in this field with the corresponding ISO certification, we have over 180 years of experience not only in execution but also in the corresponding planning. We use modern tools for this purpose. Contact us at an early stage.

Transport studies

Are you planning to replace a large generator or build a new wind turbine? Contact us early, we support you already in the first phases of your project, so that the rest of the project flows in and out with the transport and rigging concept. With a transport study we can confirm the feasibility of a transport, determine the intended route, confirm or adjust it and identify further optimization potential during a possible site inspection.

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Brochures and documentation

The technical manual with the documentation about our resources in the heavy lift logistics sector is available as mobile app or desktop version here:

Lifting studies
The choice of the right location for a wind turbine allows great savings in the preparation work for the access roads as well as for the position of the cranes. But we also carry out survey, assessment and planning for smaller lifting jobs. With the help of our software we can precisely plan the use of lifting equipment and mobile cranes and calculate the load case as well as the expected support pressures. The crane incl. boom can be inserted in CAD to optimize the crane location.

Lifting plans and risk analyses
We create lifting plans for routine lifting operations, which you can then execute with your own personnel and equipment (overhead crane, etc.). By looking at your existing procedures on site as a specialist and additionally advising you with tips & tricks, your own procedures will become safer and more efficient. In addition, we prepare risk analyses on request. Your company's internal guidelines for certain work might even require an externally prepared or verified lifting plan or risk analysis.

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