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International moving of all kinds is always a great success with Welti-Furrer. We have experienced moving specialists, the right equipment, and extensive know-how. Worldwide relocation is not a foreign word to us - we experience every move with you and think about your personal situation and your individual needs.

Complete service and additional services from one source

In addition to the simple transport of your household goods and all your personal belongings, Welti-Furrer offers a wide range of additional services. These include sorting and packing of your goods, accompanying relocation to your new domicile, unpacking and rebuilding your furniture, and connecting your electrical appliances. These are all important individual actions for us. Likewise, the completion of all customs formalities is part of our service package. At Welti-Furrer you can get everything from one source.

Additional services for each phase of the project

Before your move, we take care of the organized packing of your items. Book collections are meticulously sorted and packed with our system. Electrical appliances are carefully loaded. Valuables are given special attention and care. Broken furniture or defective electrical appliances (eg refrigerators, televisions, washing machines) are disposed of by us professionally and in accordance with the law. On request, we will take over the final cleaning of your apartment and take care of a smooth handover to the new owner or buyer.

During the move, the specialists of Welti-Furrer will be on hand to help you. Spontaneous storage requirements are met quickly and easily thanks to our numerous, modern storage rooms. We are always open to your questions and wishes - after all, the focus is on your precious goods that you have entrusted to us.

After the move, we do all the necessary work so that you can experience a relaxing start in your new home. We rebuild your furniture professionally. For additional services such as repairs or change requests, we always have a carpenter at hand. We also connect your electrical appliances, hang up your precious artwork and pictures, and mount your bookshelves to the wall, thanks to our in-house Handyman.

You have the questions - Welti-Furrer knows the answers

As each country has specific requirements for living, Welti-Furrer also takes care of all the necessary formalities. Do you need a work permit in a particular country? How do you properly insure yourself against illness or unemployment? Is your pension plan regulated? Are there any good schools for your children near your new home? What are the cultural and recreational offers in your region? If you feel overwhelmed or simply want to enjoy a relaxed move, trust Welti-Furrer and their network throughout Switzerland, all over Europe, and worldwide!