We have been on the road since 1838 as one of the oldest transport companies. Locally anchored - internationally active.

What began over 180 years ago as a small horse-drawn carriage company in the middle of the city of Zurich, quickly developed into a competent and reliable transport company, which became known far beyond the country's borders. Thanks to decades of experience, coupled with broad expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we are your reliable partner for Switzerland-wide and international transports of all kinds. In the past as well as today, the concerns and satisfaction of our customers are at the top of our list of priorities.

Removals, storage, construction logistics and much more - Specialist for individual logistics solutions

Welti-Furrer specializes in both domestic and international moves for private individuals as well as corporate relocations. Each project is unique and our solution is tailored to the individual customer. For the execution we have qualified personnel with extensive experience in complex moves and the handling of sensitive goods and files. Thanks to our modern and nationwide infrastructure, we can offer ideal storage solutions. We also transfer these logistic competences to other areas. For example, we also offer construction logistics, clearances, delivery of medical technology and much more.

Art transportation and storage are delicate and require a particularly high level of expertise.

Welti-Furrer Fine Art AG is one of the few specialized companies that has the necessary know-how as well as the infrastructure for moving, installing, mounting and storing works of art of various sizes and types. Whether fragile pastels and collages or meter-high Egyptian stone sculptures and ethnographically significant dugouts, whether contemporary acrylic painting or Renaissance panel painting, whether Fabergé eggs or video installations - the 'Fine Art' department takes care of it!

Oversized goods require meticulous planning before competent implementation.

In heavy lift logistics, Welti-Furrer has established itself as the market leader in Switzerland. Moving and storing large and/or heavy loads is our core competence. We offer this throughout Switzerland, and the equipment used for this is available locally. This is because local knowledge and a fast response are indispensable today, especially for emergency operations such as salvage. Your Welti-Furrer contact will take care of the transport, including choice of route, escort, etc., loading and unloading, as well as bringing in and locally moving your goods. The short- or long-term available heavy lift storage can be used as a temporal buffer or assembly site.