School Relocation

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School Relocations

Moves of school buildings, university institutes, kindergartens or entire university campuses conveniently take place during school or semester breaks. This means that summer vacations in particular are a very busy time of year for the removal specialists at Welti-Furrer. In various cantons or municipalities, we are allowed to move entire schools during the school holidays, whether in the course of renovation measures or in the case of a new building.

School removals of all kinds

A school contains objects and furniture for hundreds of students and the teachers, this all wants to reach its destination safely. Before the move, we will work out a tailor-made moving concept for you. Only then we start with the work. Everything is packed, transported, unpacked and reassembled with the utmost care by our employees. For the transport of bulky items, for example gym equipment or large equipment of classrooms for the subjects chemistry, biology or physics, our trained employees are at your disposal with special vehicles.

For the entire duration of the move, you will be looked after by our project manager. He will be available at all times to answer any questions or requests you may have. After all, it is not just furniture that needs to be moved. Likewise, in every school, especially among our youngest students, there are handmade toys or handicrafts that represent an emotional value. Welti-Furrer knows how to appreciate the value of your things and treats them with appropriate care.


Professional school removals from A-Z

Our moving specialists are experienced in handling the special inventory of a school. We attach great importance to the professional packing and careful transport of your goods. Children's handicrafts are given the same attention as sensitive equipment from the chemistry laboratory of the higher classes. We have the appropriate packing material for all items as well as suitable or necessary vehicles.

Not every school move is for a new building. Should necessary renovation work be carried out during the school vacations? Welti-Furrer offers you modern storage facilities throughout Switzerland for the storage of your school inventory. All goods are packed and stored with the greatest care, so that you can start immediately after the renovation with furniture and all accessories set up by us.

Welti-Furrer's moving experts are very familiar with school moves. Many of them have children of their own and can especially empathize with how extremely important it is to treat school and personal belongings with care. Give us your trust and that of your students!

Contact us today, by phone at 044 444 13 00 or by mail at, so that we can support you in the preparation and execution of your move!