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Central logistics on the construction site

Construction logistics takes over the entire logistics on the construction site and thus relieves the construction management as well as the contractors, who can thus concentrate on their core competencies. All orders that are to be delivered to the construction site (building materials) are handled electronically by Construction Logistics. In addition to the orders, the allocation of time slots and the traceability of the material flow are also part of the service spectrum. If space is tight, the process runs via external warehouses, from which the supply to the construction site is guaranteed by a shuttle.

  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Coordination of time windows for delivery with all orderers (craftsmen) and suppliers (supported by digital system)
  • Unloading incl. receiving inspection upon delivery by the construction logistics department
  • Temporary storage and picking on site (or in external warehouse if required)
  • Bringing in and distribution of material "just-in-time" on construction site or sector
  • Material management system for all material (orders via terminal possible)Die
  • Baulogistik stellt in Absprache mit der Bauplanung und den engagierten Unternehmen den Bedarf der Hilfsmittel während den verschiedenen Bauphasen fest, beschafft und verwaltet diese und garantiert deren Einsetzbarkeit auf der Baustelle für alle Handwerker.