Office furniture storage

Storage management of office furniture

The term “storage management” covers transport, transferring items into and out of the warehouse, setting up (commissioning) office furniture, preparation (cleaning and repairs) or disposal of defective delivered items as well as organizing the necessary warehouse space. The IT infrastructure and software needed for storage management are provided by Welti-Furrer and set up for use according to customer requirements.

  • Transport
    Disposition, scheduling, notifications. Transport of furniture into storage. Delivery of furniture to the destination. Unloading and set-up according to the furnishing plan.
  • Preparation
    Receipt, checking and cleaning the delivered furniture. Carrying out repairs on defective items.
  • Placement into storage
    Placement into storage according to a predefined inventory list along with data collection in the IT storage management system using barcodes and scanners
  • Storage
    Monthly calculation of storage costs based on the current inventory.
  • Removal from storage
    Carrying out of commissioning (including scanning) and quality control for completeness, functionality and cleanliness. Preparation for transport. Checking out of the IT storage management system.
  • Waste disposal

    Professional waste disposal: directly or from storage, including recycling