Storage logistics

In the very best hands

Whether furniture, files or other items – Welti-Furrer handles every aspect of storage logistics for you. We not only store your items but also repair and clean them, as well as making inventories. With our modern storage logistics solution you can access your belongings directly online.

Whether furniture, carpets, instruments, pictures or wine – at Welti-Furrer we can store everything for you. Whether for a short space of time or over many years.


Welti-Furrer offers you access to your storage lockers either during business hours or around the clock (24/7).

Welti-Furrer offers highly professional storage of your paper files and data carriers. Our storage rooms are designed to cope with heavy loads and offer the greatest possible security.

For furniture that you don’t need at the moment, Welti-Furrer offers storage possibilities in its furniture warehouse.