Welti-Furrer Moving Shop

Protect your chairs from dirt and damage with a chair cover.
3.00 CHF
For the transport of your pictures and paintings, we recommend protecting them with our glassine paper. Pictures can be packed safely and without any paint flaking off or residue from the packing paper.
2.00 CHF
Protect your screen from scratches and dirt with this antistatic computer monitor cover.
1.50 CHF
The star among packing experts! Save time and expense and seal your boxes easily and cleanly with our tape dispenser.
5.00 CHF
For the safe transport of your computer including a flat screen display, keyboard and additional accessories, store them together compactly in one box.
12.00 CHF
It pays off to prevent damage due to moths especially when textiles are stored in boxes and cartons for long periods of time. Add a moth strip to your boxes containing clothing or bedding, or wrap one up inside a stored carpet.
6.50 CHF
Because of its large size, even large lampshades can be packed, and table lamps or desk lamps also fit in this lamp box.
8.50 CHF
Holds 12 bottles. To make sure you don’t have to ship your bottles of wine in an unsuitable way, we recommend our wine box with special inserts. The bottles will not knock against each other when placed in these honeycombed inserts. Contents: a maximum of 12 bottles can be packed in each box.
7.00 CHF
Thanks to its length, this dish box also holds large vases and pottery.
5.50 CHF
The honeycombed inserts of our dish box can be placed wherever desired. Pack your plates or glasses as you like.
12.00 CHF


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