General conditions

Our general terms and conditions

Please pay attention to the general terms and condition of our shop.

  1. Ordering and concluding of contracts
    Our products are offered on our website for the Swiss market in Swiss Francs. An order without invoicing and/or delivery address or registration is not legally binding, i.e. contract does not enter into effect.
    Prerequisite to placing an order, the buyer must confirm his acknowledgement of the general terms and conditions, and that he accepts these terms and conditions in full.
    The contract between Welti-Furrer AG and the orderer only enters into effect with the acceptance of the order. Confirmation of acceptance of the order will be served to the customer by e-mail.
    Customers undertake when entering personal data to enter it truthfully. In return, Welti-Furrer AG undertakes not to disclose any data that have been entered to third parties.
    With their orders, persons under the age of 18 or who are incapable of acting confirm the consent of their legal guardians for the transaction in question. For the conclusion of the contact to be duly valid, persons under the age of 18 or who are incapable of acting must have the express consent of their legal guardians.
  2. Obligations of parties
    Welti-Furrer AG undertakes to deliver the merchandise ordered by the customer. The customer undertakes to pay Welti-Furrer the purchase price, all invoiced delivery costs and the other expenses.
    The delivery of the merchandise will take place during office hours at the discretion of the delivery service and at a time in agreement with the customer.
  3. Purchase price and delivery costs
    The price of the merchandise shall be that price valid on the date on which the order was placed and shall include VAT. The costs of the delivery are posted on the Welti-Furer/Moving Article Shop website under FAQ's.
  4. Transfer of right of use and risk
    The right of use and risk are transferred to the customer on delivery of the merchandise.
  5. Delivery
    If not specified otherwise, the ordered merchandise shall be delivered to the address indicated as the delivery address. Welti-Furrer makes every effort to adhere to the indicated delivery periods. However, no guarantee is made.
  6. Governing law and jurisdiction
    The provisions of Swiss law shall apply, in particular those relating to the purchase contract (Law of Contract ((OR)) Art. 184 pp.) or order (Law of Contract ((OR)) Art. 394 pp.) of the Swiss Law of Contract (Obligationenrecht). The legal venue is Zürich.