Moves overseas

Flexible and custom-tailored solutions

Moving abroad is a complex undertaking that demands individual, comprehensive planning. Welti-Furrer will work out a custom-tailored offer for you, one that fits your individual requirements and budget.

Our services

  • Professional packing materials of the highest quality
  • Packing/unpacking by trained, skilled personnel
  • Custom-made wooden crates for delicate or fragile objects

Operational services

  • Transport insurance at original value
  • Furniture storage around the world
  • Eco-friendly waste disposal
  • Handyman service for drilling and assembly work (e.g. hanging mirrors, pictures, etc.)
  • Maid service for tasks when moving in (e.g. filling cabinets, washing/ironing, etc.)
  • Electrician service (e.g. lamps, audio/video systems, etc.)

There are a variety of ways to ship your goods to/from overseas locations. It depends on their volume, weight, and your schedule requirements and budget.