Fine Art Transport

Safe and secure, no matter what the object

Transporting fine art is a delicate operation. It requires a great deal of experience and trained experts. Welti-Furrer Fine Art AG is among the unique companies that have mastered this task.

Our services

  • Rental shipping crates
    Welti-Furrer can offer you a wide selection of high-quality rental shipping crates.
  • Transport preparations
    Experienced employees plan your transport down to the very last detail.
  • Safety concept
    Welti-Furrer applies its safety concept to every phase of the transport.
  • Armed escorts
    Upon request, we can organize an armed escort for your transport.
  • Customs clearance
    We take care of customs clearance in-house.
  • Permits and approvals
    Welti-Furrer takes care of obtaining all required permits and approvals.
  • Insurance
    Welti-Furrer answers all your complex insurance questions and, on request, arranges all-risk transport or storage insurance.