PHZH - The move of the year

In January 2012, Welti-Furrer AG received the award for the PHZH project.

The move of the year – a very tough logistics nut to crack.

A few key figures about this project:

  • The relocation involves a move from 30 different locations in and around Zurich to the new Sihlhof campus on Europaallee near the Zurich Main Station.
  • In total, approximately 14,282 m3 of materials will be moved (resulting in roughly 570 trips) including roughly 20,280 pieces of furniture and 550 tons of paper. If you were to stack up all this paper, it would reach 1.5 times as high as the Matterhorn.

The starting gun for the move is early July 2012. For roughly eight weeks, the following will be in use on average every day:

  • 7 moving vans with drivers
  • 6 transport supervisors
  • 6 packers
  • 3 assembly specialists
  • 26 moving men
  • 1 moving coordinator

At this time, our customer service representative is working on the detailed planning of how the move will take place, i.e. setting up the daily goals and ensuring they are met, creating the labeling concept, preparing special packaging materials, planning the move of the archives and library, implementing the overall logistics for the packing materials, etc.

All aspects taken together, this is an enormous challenge for the employees involved, whether in the organization or scheduling, whether project specialists or operating personnel. Welti-Furrer will do everything in its power to make certain we are successful with this masterpiece of moving, and we thank our employees in advance for their patience and commitment.